Topics for Research

This is a research blog so I ought to include a summary of some of the topics in Newfoundland’s brewing history I am looking for information about or in the process of researching.

  • The strike of 1986, where the local breweries were shut down for several months causing the import of numerous low-end American brands (Old Milwaukee, Pabst Blue Ribbon)
  • Dominion Ale / Bennett Brewing’s Newfoundland Songbook
  • Other breweries and microbrews. In particular the brewing done at the Duke of Duckworth and the reports of Brewing at Fog City in the Avalon Mall
  • Bison Brewing in Stephenville
  • The homebrew culture in Newfoundland, particularly the story of the homebrew supply shop Brewery Lane
  • Newfoundland Prohibition
  • Details on the takeovers by Molson, Carling, and Labatt
  • More general detail on the key historical breweries (who worked their, etc.)

Any topics you think I’ve missed? Have any information about these topics? Let me know!


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  1. P. Kendall

    I have a series of American Beer tins that I kept as souveniers of the infamous Newfoundland Beer Strike of 1985 and can send a photo of them if you like?

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