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Newfoundland Quarterly

Today, some old adverts from old issues of the Newfoundland Quarterly.

A Bennett Brewing Advert from volume 46, issue 2 (page 41) of the Newfoundland Quarterly (1946)

I also found another beer brewed by the Bavarian Brewing Company from 1946:

Bavarian Brewing advert from volume 46, issue 2 of the Newfoundland Quarterly (1946)

And this advert for the hipster stand-by Pabst (which was imported):

Pabst Advert... Blended, yum...

From the 1955 (volume 4) of the Quarterly I found this one:

India Beer advert, NQ 1955, Volume 4.

I think they should bring back that slogan!

And, as further evidence everything was rainbows in Newfoundland in the 1950’s:

Rainbow Tea?


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The Atlantic Advocate

I was looking through some old copies of The Atlantic Advocate today and I found some great old advertisements. First, the one I was looking for, is this 1966 advert for the Newfoundland Brewery. Note the stubby bottles and the Molson Canadian beer. This was after the Molson takeover of 1962.

Newfoundland Brewery Advert from The Atlantic Advocate, September 1966 (page 57)

Close up of the 1966 India Pale Ale bottle.

Close up of the 1966 India Beer bottle.

Note that the label on the main page is older than the more contemporary looking version in this advert, which helps with the dating of the label and the more contemporary looking bottle.

More surprising to me was the cover of the June 1958 issue, which features a rainbow over Newfoundland as a “symbol of Newfoundland’s hopes in the Tenth Year of Confederation.” I have no evidence, only speculation, that this has something to do with Rainbow beer. Wouldn’t that be interesting?

The Cover of the June 1958 Atlantic Advocate

The Atlantic Advocate featured content from all of the Atlantic provinces and I found two other pretty interesting beer advertisements from Nova Scotia in the issues I was looking through. The first is this nice Moosehead (who are still independent) advert from the back of the 1958 issue of the Advocate.

A Cape Breton themed Moosehead Advertisement

The other was this much more provocative (read: sexist) advert for Oland’s export. Oland also made a Schooner Lager and is now caught up in the whole Labatt and Alexander Keith branding under Anheuser–Busch InBev. Either way, this advert is pretty visually stunning.

A racy advert for Nova Scotia's Oland's Export, The Atlantic Advocate, September 1966 (page 26)

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Overview: Bennett Brewing

Riverhead Brewing Company / Bennett Brewing (1827-1962)

Location: 258-260 Water Street West.

Brands: Haig Ale and Stout (prohibition sub-2% “near beers”), Dominion Ale and Stout, Rainbow Beer, INVALID STOUT (“for those with delicate health”).

What Happened: E. P. Taylor’s Canadian Breweries Limited (1951) (which already had Black Horse and O’Keefe’s Old Stock in NL).

Further: Canadian Breweries Limited shifted over time into Carling-O’Keefe, which was then taken over by the Molson Brewing Company in 1989 (which is now, as of 2005, Molson-Coors).

For more information see posted tagged with “Bennett Brewing.”

Rainbow Beer - 1956

Rainbow Beer, 1956

Dominion Pale Ale - 1950

Dominion Pale Ale, 1950

The Riverhead / Bennett Brewery

Advert for the Riverhead Brewery from McAlpine’s Newfoundland directory, 1894 to 1897

Bennett Brewing advert from the Encyclopedia of Newfoundland

Bennett Brewing advert from the Encyclopedia of Newfoundland

Bennett Brewing Detail

Close-up of the text from the above advert.

From Industry ’67 Centennial Perspective, published by The Canadian Manufacturers’ Association in May 1967 as found here:

Charles Fox Bennett, who founded The Bennett Brewing Company, Limited, St. John’s, in 1827, is one of the most colorful figures in the history of Newfoundland. Born in the West of England, he came to the island colony in his teens and when he died in 1883, at the age of 91, he left his mark indelibly on its politics and economics. Bennett’s foresighted mineral speculations, at a time when faith in the colony’s min ing potential was practically non-existent, made possible mining developments that did not come to their triumphant fruition until the 1960’s. And his leadership of the anti-Confederate Party in the famous election of 1869 was instrumental in keeping Newfoundland outside the Canadian Confederation until 1949. He became Premier of Newfoundland at the age of 77 and remained in office until 1873.

In Bennett’s day the brewery was known a s Riverhead Brewery. It did not assume its present name until after it was taken over in 1884 by Edward W. Bennett, who was no relation of the founder.

In early years the brewery did its own malting and the old malting floor still exists. Today Bennett Brewing is one of the most modern in Newfoundland. 100 per cent automatic equinment ensures that the product is untouched by human hands from the time return bottles are washed until the beer is opened for drinking.

In 1902 the company converted to a limited liability public company and in 1962 it was purchased by Canadian Breweries Limited.

Principal products: Dominion Ale, Haig Light Beer, O’Keefe Ale and Old Vienna Lager Beer.


Joseph R. Smallwood and Robert D.W. Pitt (editors) Encyclopaedia of Newfoundland, Volume 1 (Newfoundland Book Publishers, 1981, under the Breweries entry)

McAlpine’s Newfoundland directory, 1894 to 1897

Industry ’67 Centennial Perspective, published by The Canadian Manufacturers’ Association in May 1967

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