Get Thee to the Gallows | Beer in The Republic of Doyle

Watching the Republic of Doyle last night (season 3, episode 9, “Mirror Mirror”) I noticed something: beer advertisements for a fake beer! Posted all around the walls of the bar (not the Duke set, another bar that I’ve only seen in this episode) were signs for a beer brand called “Gallows,” with the line (from what I can tell) “Get Sent to the Gallows” as its tag. [Update: see below, it says “Get Thee to the Gallows”]

From around the 38 min. mark.

Grainy zoom-in.

Slightly better lighting.

Another poster was on a different wall, but it’s even harder to make out the text.

Behind Mr. Pinsent, at around the 12 min. mark.

So, it looks to be a well-headed amber ale that you can get nice pints of on draft. But, to make it even more appealing, you can get a six pack of Gallows in cans as seen scattered about a hungover Doyle in episode 3 (“Hot Package”) of the same season.

Crumpled Gallows cans from around the 5 min. mark.

Until the DVD’s come out I won’t be able to grab any higher quality images of the cans/adverts. It would be really great if they ended up in some of the extras, as I think they are new to this season (other seasons have had subtle Quidi Vidi labels).

The distinctive coat-of-arms logo is pretty clear in this one.

A grainy zoom-in.

One more thing. In the background of the bar (again, not the Duke) there was a lineup of some of the NL-marco brews. Nice to see India beer getting screen time. Again, note the beer on the far right (next to the hula dancer) looks to be a Gallows too. (An amber ale in a green bottle! Preposterous! So much for reality on the television!)

Coors Light, India Beer, Bud Light, Something, and what looks to be a bottle of Gallows beer.

I’d love to find out some more about the branding because even though it’s a fake beer, the Republic of Doyle is a pretty iconic show so it’s interesting that they’ve created a new brand rather than borrowing one from Quidi Vidi, Storm, or Yellowbelly. Couldn’t these all just be 1892 adverts? Maybe Allan Hawco is planning to make a foray into the craft beer business after the show? I doubt it! It’s probably just less paperwork for legal if they make up a brand.

Update: I found an old tweet from @republicofdoyle where there is a nice large picture of the sign! All that work for nothing! It’s a premium pilsner, so I’m imagining it’s like the Barking Squirrel by Hop City because of the similar darker than expected for a pilsner color.

A high-res version!

Major Update (March 15, 2012): So, the week after I made this post a whole episode of the Republic of Doyle was focused on the murder of the owner of the (apparently quite affluent) Gallows Brewery (season 3, episode 10). I might update with a few of the other advertisements when I can.


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