Overview: Storm Brewing

Storm Brewing (Freshwater Brewing Co. 1995-)

Location: Carbonear (as Freshwater), Mount Pearl (as Storm)

Brands: Irish Red, Island Gold, Raspberry Wheat, Coffee Porter. (Retired, or out of common circulation: Hemp Ale, Killick, Kyle mild. The Duke’s Own is also reported to be brewed by Storm using the Duke’s recipe.)

Freshwater brewing was founded in Carbonear, Newfoundland, in 1995 around the same time as Quidi Vidi Brewing, by Nick Murray and Dave Rodgers. In 1997 the partnership has fizzled and it was purchased and renamed Storm Brewing by Michael McBride, a native of North York, Ontario. Overall Storm is a much smaller, more niche, producer of craft beer than Quidi Vidi Brewing. Originally marketed in stubby bottles and industry standard bomber (650 ml) bottles, in 2010 they switched to long neck bottles for their 6-packs. They report that their 7 hectolitre system was imported from the Santa Rosa brewing company of California. A report in The Telegram indicates that they brew only around 300 hectolitres a year.


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Moira Baird, “The Big Idea: Storm Brewing in Newfoundland Ltd.,” The Telegram August 16, 2004.


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  1. charlene

    Freshwater Brewing Company originated in Freshwater, hence the name! Freshwater, Conception Bay. 🙂

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