Overview: Lindberg Brewing Company

Lindberg Brewing Company Limited (1877-1912?)

Location: Signal Hill Road.

Brands: Bavarian Beers and imported Guinness and Bass.

Likely cause of death: Liquor restriction laws (bars to close at 9 p.m.) (1911) and Newfoundland Prohibition (1917-1924).

Bavarian Beers, Lindberg and Franklin

Bavarian Brewing advert from McAlpine's Newfoundland directory, 1894 to 1897


Joseph R. Smallwood and Robert D.W. Pitt (editors) Encyclopaedia of Newfoundland, Volume 1 (Newfoundland Book Publishers, 1981, under the Breweries entry)

McAlpine’s Newfoundland directory, 1894 to 1897.


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