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Newfoundland Quarterly

Today, some old adverts from old issues of the Newfoundland Quarterly.

A Bennett Brewing Advert from volume 46, issue 2 (page 41) of the Newfoundland Quarterly (1946)

I also found another beer brewed by the Bavarian Brewing Company from 1946:

Bavarian Brewing advert from volume 46, issue 2 of the Newfoundland Quarterly (1946)

And this advert for the hipster stand-by Pabst (which was imported):

Pabst Advert... Blended, yum...

From the 1955 (volume 4) of the Quarterly I found this one:

India Beer advert, NQ 1955, Volume 4.

I think they should bring back that slogan!

And, as further evidence everything was rainbows in Newfoundland in the 1950’s:

Rainbow Tea?


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Overview: Newfoundland Brewery

Newfoundland Brewery Limited (1893-1962)

Location: Elizabeth Ave and Rennie’s River.

Brands: India Beer, India Pale Ale, and Irish Cream Porter.

What Happened: Taken over by Molson (1786-2005) Coors (1873-2005) Brewing Company (2005, USA/Canada).

India Pale Ale - 1954

India Pale Ale label circa 1954

India Beer - 1954

India Beer Label circa 1954

Irish Cream Porter - 1952

Irish Cream Porter label circa 1952


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